Western Leyte College is an institution that has stood the test of time. From it’s humble beginnings, it managed to steadily provide 

quality education to the youth of Ormoc City as well as the whole region. The school continued its tradition until today by nurturing

 and molding students to the best of their abilities. Giving them knowledge and skills to reach and even exceed there 

full potentials. Producing quality, globally competitive, flexible and passionate professionals.




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Complete Modern Facilities

Western Leyte College is fully equipped with the latest technologies, features, and services to meet the needs and expectations of the students and stakeholders. These facilities are designed to provide a seamless and enhanced experience in education. The classrooms, tools, equipments and laboratories are designed for hands-on effective learning.

Industry Based Curriculums

Industry-based curriculums, also known as industry-aligned or industry-driven curriculums, are educational programs that Western Leyte College implements designed to meet the specific needs and demands of a particular profession,industry or sector. These curriculums aim to bridge the gap between academia and the workforce by providing students with the knowledge, skills, and experiences necessary to succeed in their chosen field.

Competent and Qualified Instructors

The school is focused in student centered learning. Competent and qualified instructors is one of the key that Western Leyte College has a successful educational programs. All instructors possesses a combination of knowledge, skills, expertise, experience and qualities that enable them to effectively teach and guide students in a particular subject or field and in their future profession.

School Calendar of Activities AY: 2022-2023


President's Message

Emmanuel A. Fiel

Hello everyone!

Throughout our history, in the 75 years since its founding; Western Leyte College of Ormoc City has been in the forefront of educational innovation across the province and region despite challenges along the way. The same is true today. We are living in a world that will test our school and we must remain rooted in our principles and focused on our founding mission. We must be clear-eyed about our strengths and weaknesses, and ambitious in fulfilling our promise. I emphasize our educational mission because we are in the midst of a teaching and learning revolution. How we respond – how we stay true to our best traditions while pioneering new frontiers will define our work – this is the challenge before us. Read More