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Intramurals Ignition: WLC 2023 Sets the Stage for Unity, Rivalry, and Unforgettable Moments!

The Ormoc City Superdome radiated with energy as the various academic factions made a spirited entrance, Strike and Score is the theme for this year’s intramurals, transforming the arena into a kaleidoscope of colors and school pride. Each faction, with its
unique identity, marched proudly: The POLITICAL SCIENCE SENTINELS from the School of Law/Political Science, the
MIGHTY LAURELS representing the College of Education, the BLAZING PHOENIX igniting the spirit of the College of Accountancy and Business, the CONAHS PANTHERS prowling in from the College of Nursing & Allied Health Sciences, the CICTE LIONS roaring with
technological prowess from the College of Information, Communication, Technology, and Engineering, the HOSPITALITY TITANS showcasing flair and grace from the College of Hospitality Management, and the MIGHTY GRIFFINS soaring high as the pride of the High School Department. Following this impressive display, the Intramurals commenced with a solemn Opening Prayer,
evoking a sense of unity and camaraderie among the participants. The stirring notes of the Philippine National Anthem, the Ormoc City Hymn, and the WLC Hymn echoed through the Superdome, instilling a sense of pride and patriotism. The crowd was then treated to a nostalgic journey through the Highlights of the 2022 Intramurals, setting the stage for the excitement and friendly competition to come. Symbolism took center stage during the Instituting of Monicker Flags, where the distinctive flags of each faction were unfurled, symbolizing their unique spirits and identities. Ms. Edelyn A. Donio, CPA, Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, took the stage to deliver a warm Welcome Message, expressing anticipation for the upcoming events and fostering a sense of community spirit.
The pinnacle of the opening ceremony was the Oath of Amateurism for Athletes, administered by Mr. Jose Giendo Bacat. Athletes from all factions solemnly pledged their commitment to fair play, sportsmanship, and integrity, setting the tone for a week of spirited yet honorable competition. This was followed by the Oath of Game Officials and Game Facilitators headed by Commissioner Clyde Patrick Makabenta, signifying their commitment to upholding the standards of the games concluding the oath-taking. Cheers from different departments echoed through the dome, as the emcees announced that it was finally the time to light the 2023 Intramural Games Cauldron, presented on the stage’s LCD screen. Mr. Jewel Jan Apuya was the person behind the mesmerizing video. The details and
fluidity he brings to life not only kickstart the 2023 Intramural Games but also add that extra wow factor, making the event unforgettable for everyone present. After this, the School’s Dear President, Mr. Emmanuel A. Fiel, formally declared the official opening of the 2023 Intramural Games that brought the campus alive with energy and sportsmanship. The air has finally the air was filled with the vibrant sound of cheers. This is where the cheer dance competition has come to the place where countless month of cheer dancing in every department will now showcase their skills and talents in dancing. The competition kicks off with the reading of Criteria for Judging. As the atmosphere builds, judges are introduced, adding a layer of anticipation to the competition. Finally, the spotlight shifts to
the cheer dance proper, where each department takes the floor to demonstrate its skills and talents in a spirited display of unity and creativity. Mighty Griffins were once the first to perform, followed by Mighty Laurels and Blazing Phoenix. These three groups performed spectacularly which captivates audiences with their impeccable performances, raising the stakes and tension levels.
Although students eagerly awaited the next groups to perform, the event paused Miss and Mister Intramurals were introduced. This segment commenced with a reading of the judging criteria and the introduction of the esteemed judges. As the captivating production number commenced, the spotlight shifted to the contestants, who stepped forward to introduce themselves along with their
respective departments. Building on the momentum of the previous three groups as the second cheer dance competition
took place, Conahs Panthers, Cicte Lions, and Hospitality Titans elevated the competition with their routines and precision. The seamless synchronization displayed by the six teams marked the culmination of the cheer dance competition. As the judges were busy deliberating and determining the victor among the impressive array of talents showcased, Mr. and Ms. Intramurals 2023 Sports Wear Competition commenced. They left the audience dazzled as the contestant flaunted their respective sport with a sense of fashion.
Also, WLC Admin Employees, Faculty, and Staff prepared an intermission number for the students showcasing their dancing talents beyond the academic realm. The event organizers also stood up to express their gratitude to the hardworking panel of judges
who lent their time and skills to assess the outstanding talent. A gorgeously created plaque was given to each judge as a token of appreciation for their significant participation in the event.The atmosphere was charged with excitement as the much-anticipated announcement of the competition winners was finally happening. CONAHS Panthers were hailed as the champion in both competitions. Solidifying their status as the reigning champions in WLC Intramurals Cheerdance Competition 2023 and as Panthers
Stephen Hoffman and Geovanna Dawa after being hailed as the new Mister and Miss Intramurals 2023.

It is still Day One in Intramurals 2023 that has commenced yet a burst of energy and talent has already filled the hearts of the students, a clear sign of the high-energy environment that will set the tone for the forthcoming days, promising an energetic and engaging experience for all the students. Intramurals Day 2 and Day 3 revolve around playing the respective sports that students have
joined. In this year’s Intramurals, a novel addition to the lineup is the introduction of Sepak Takraw as a new sport. Sepak Takraw is a blend of volleyball, soccer, and gymnastics, that emphasizes footwork and agility. Teams compete to keep a rattan ball off the ground while playing on a court with a net, displaying a dynamic and skillful sport. Its inclusion in the
Intramurals adds diversity and excitement to the athletic lineup. Furthermore, Intramurals 2023 has made a ground-breaking decision by putting in place a rapid rescue system that will increase safety during unforeseen accidents. Not only heightens the overall safety of participants but also provides a sense of reassurance for everyone attending Intramurals 2023. This made the event a more secure and enjoyable environment for all. TRACK & FIELD: Lightning on the Track and Soaring Heights The track witnessed remarkable feats, with the COAB BLAZING PHOENIX securing gold in the Men’s 4x100m Dash, while the CONAHS PANTHERS claimed victory in the Women’s category.In the 100m Dash, the CICTE LIONS sprinted to gold among the men, matched by the CONAHS PANTHERS in the Women’s category.Field events were equally riveting, with the Discus Throw witnessing triumphs for CICTE LIONS among men and CONAHS PANTHERS among women.In Javelin Throw, POLITICAL SCIENCE SENTINELS claimed gold among
men, while HOSPITALITY TITANS triumphed among women.The Long Jump showcased the prowess of CICTE LIONS among women and HOSPITALITY TITANS among men.HOSPITALITY TITANS also dominated the Shot Pot event.
E-SPORTS: Virtual Victories In the digital arena, COAB BLAZING PHOENIX emerged as champions in Mobile Legends,
displaying strategic prowess, while the MIGHTY GRIFFINS dominated the battlefield in Call of
Duty. SEPAK TAKRAW: Agility and Precision Unleashed The intense sport of Sepak Takraw witnessed a display of agility and precision, with CICTE LIONS and HIGHSCHOOL MIGHTY GRIFFINS seizing gold in their respective categories. VOLLEYBALL: Setting and Spiking to Glory Volleyball courts were ablaze with competition, as CONAHS PANTHERS claimed gold in the
Men’s category and COAB BLAZING PHOENIX emerged triumphant in the Women’s category. DARTS: Bullseye Excellence
Darts saw exceptional performances, with CICTE LIONS and HOSPITALITY TITANS clinching gold in the Men’s and Women’s Singles categories.In Doubles, HOSPITALITY TITANS and CONAHS PANTHERS secured victories.
BASKETBALL: Hoops and Glory In 3×3 Women’s Basketball, CONAHS PANTHERS secured gold, while the Men’s Basketball
category witnessed a victory for the HIGHSCHOOL MIGHTY GRIFFINS. CHESS: Checkmate Masters
COAB BLAZING PHOENIX dominated chess, securing gold in both the Men’s and Women’s categories.
BADMINTON: Shuttlecock Showdown In singles, HOSPITALITY TITANS and CONAHS PANTHERS claimed gold in the Men’s and
Women’s categories, respectively.In Doubles, CONAHS PANTHERS triumphed in both Men’s and Women’s categories, while COAB BLAZING PHOENIX secured gold in Mixed Doubles. To end the event, the College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences was hailed as the Overall Champion. Following closely behind is the College of Accountancy and Business where the
College of Hospitality Management secured the third position. Indeed, WLC Intramurals 2023 was a resounding success, which helped the players develop good sportsmanship. The occasion emphasized the value of teamwork and physical exercise
within our school community while showcasing the wide range of talents among the student
body. The memories made during this event will have an impact on both players and spectators
as finally close out this thrilling chapter of friendly competition, adding to the school’s lively

By: Kimberly Joy Oquias (BSCpE 3) and Lyarnie Mae Escoton (BSCpE 3)