President's Message

sir manuling

Emmanuel A. Fiel

Hello everyone!

         Throughout our history, in the 75 years since its founding; Western Leyte College of Ormoc City has been in the forefront of educational innovation across the province and region despite challenges along the way. The same is true today. We are living in a world that will test our school and we must remain rooted in our principles and focused on our founding mission. We must be clear-eyed about our strengths and weaknesses, and ambitious in fulfilling our promise. I emphasize our educational mission because we are in the midst of a teaching and learning revolution. How we respond – how we stay true to our best traditions while pioneering new frontiers will define our work – this is the challenge before us.

          We are at an important transition point. We have yet to unleash technology’s full potential to transform learning. We are getting ready to move from a predominantly print-based classroom to a digital learning environment where students are actively engaged while developing the skills and gaining the knowledge they need to graduate and be successful.

        In today’s world, technology is an essential tool. It offers teachers new ways to enrich their students’ learning experiences. It offers students the ability to connect to learning opportunities anywhere, anytime. Technology empowers teachers like never before to support their personal mission of providing the best possible education to their students.

        But very significant and very important to remember is that technology alone isn’t going to improve student achievement. The best combination is great teachers working with technology to personalize the learning experience and engage students in the pursuit of the learning they need. The best instruction happens when a caring, skilled instructor uses every resource at his or her disposal to help students learn—including the power of technology. Technology will never replace good teachers. That will never change.

        As we move forward and work together; WLC must remain an institution that treasures every child. To make sure every child has to the best education – one that prepares them to live, learn, and work in our increasingly interconnected world.

      Above all, let me reaffirm Western Leyte College of Ormoc City should always be celebrated for our commitment to teaching at every level in every classroom — in our undergraduate college, in our graduate education, and of our professional school. This is who we are and what we aspire to be.

     We have found our distinct place in the great constellation of excellence, and we should embrace it; but even as our mission remains clear, our work is unfinished. We have new problems to solve, new research to conduct, new students to teach, new challenges to meet. We must continue to evolve as well and forward-looking.