Western Leyte College of Ormoc City envisions itself to be a center of Academic Excellence whereby students are empowered to become globally competent and competitive.


Western Leyte College of Ormoc City commits itself to provide qual-ity education for the masses as its avowed mission anchored on trini-ty of values – Wisdom, Leadership and Commitment.

In Consonance with the above values, WLC considers its mission to be as follows:

  1. Guiding persons develop their innate, God-given talents and capabilities for personal and societal benefit;
  2. Inculcating quality leadership to become readily prepared for societal challenges as they awaken character and build integrity;
  3. Offering programs and training to the needs of the person, community, country and humanity;
  4. Develop relevant programs that may train students to be intellectually sensitive and be responsive to service to the needs of society;
  5. Producing graduates who can readily adapt and easily respond to a rapidly-changing industrial, technological and multicultural environment.



The value of wisdom teaches the students to have a sense of humanity and character to grow as a good natured individual. Who cares for life, other people and the environment. Wisdom enables the students to build reliable relationships with other people to achieve success together.


The school believes that by setting the best standards. The students receives quality education.Western Leyte College envisions their students to be leaders and productive members of society. As a leader, the students are trained on how to make decisions in critical situations and that their decisions will have signficant impact to the people around them. Leadership resonates respect and integrity which is a quality of a trustworthy person


Dedication and commitment is the foundation of trust. Western Leyte College amidst all the challenges it faced, from natural disasters and other unavoidable circumstances still continues to provide quality education. It is the schools obligation to feed the students with knwoledge and skills to equip them when branch out to the world. Commitment is that value that teaches the students to never easily give up when things doesnt come there way. Commitment enables us to go on and persevere in achieving what we want