Western Leyte College
School of worth and fame
We, thy sons and daughters
Pledge ourselves to you
Honor, love and praise
Shine our life for truth
Holding we your standards
Flying o’er the world

Hail to our Alma Mater
Proudly uphold thy fame,
Singing, shouting, cheering
Working as we bear thy name

Proudly stands our dear school
Midst the fiercest fight
We will ever love her
Loyal and so true;
Winning vict’ries in classrooms
On the tract and field
Still we work for all her honor
Bright to shield

(Repeat Chorus)

When we leave our classrooms
All the world to roam,
Still the truth she gives us
Be our guiding star
If whatever fortune
Life may bring to us
We’ll be happy always loyal
We’ll remain

(Repeat Chorus)