The Student Affairs Services (SAS) is committed to the balanced and integrated development of students through its coordinated programs and services that will complement the academic offerings of the College. The SAS is managed by the Director under whom are the Heads of the following offices:

Athletics and Recreation Services
Guidance Center
Health Services
Working Student Dormitories


The Guidance Center shares in the realization of the WLC Vision-Mission by providing opportunities for the personal growth of the WLC community. It is committed to facilitating the personal development of its clients. This commitment is realized through the various services and expertise made available to the clients in an appropriate atmosphere.
The Guidance Center is staffed with a full-time Counselor. A Psychometrician is a group of specially trained students known as Peer Facilitators that will assist the Counselor in the implementation of the Guidance Program.

The Guidance Services available are:

    •  Counseling: Resolution or creative management of intrapersonal and/or interpersonal concerns and difficulties through individual or group counseling
    • Career and Vocational Counseling
    • Family Counseling
    • Academic Follow-up
    • Client Appraisal, Interviews, Psychological Test Interpretation
    • Information Service
    • Referral


The WLC medical and dental clinics offer health services as well as primary and continuing comprehensive (physical, psychological and social) care to each student. WLC Health Clinic is located at the main campus. The doctor is assisted by two nurses.

Students of WLC can avail of the following health services:


      • Medical Examinations for all students
      • First Aid for Emergency Cases
      • Medical Consultation and Treatment
      • Issuance of medical certificates/excuse slips (if seen/examined by the school physician)
      • Infirmary beds for rest to sick students
      • Free medicines for common diseases
      • Referrals (for certain cases which need the service of specialist and certain procedures or facilities which are not available in the College)
      • Counseling and Guidance (Family Planning, Nutrition Education, AIDS Prevention and Education, Drug Education)
      • Health Education Programs
      • Letter of Authorization (LOA) to students who sus-tained accident injuries with the approval of President


      • Dental Examinations for all students with an individu-al dental record as prescribed by the Bureau of Dental Health Services.
      • Emergency Dental Health Services.
      • Prophylaxis (Cleaning) once a year
      • Temporary and Permanent Filling
      • Tooth Extraction
      • Referrals (For difficult cases: Impacted Tooth, Third Molar Tooth)
      • Free medicine (Pain and haemostatic)
      • Oral Hygiene Education