The College of ICT & Engineering aims to provide quality education and latest developments in computing solutions to meet the demands of the society and industry.


To be a leader in ICT Education in building solid foundation for research & development; strong industry linkages & partnerships that responds to the challenges of the 21st century and producing professionals who are empowered to be competitive locally and globally.


The goal is to produce competent professionals in the fields of specialization through programs and trainings responsive to industry; supportive and qualified faculty; appropriate facilities; molding the students with the trinity of virtues, wisdom, leadership and commitment; as well as equally opportunity for all.


Adapt to the demands of the industry in terms of technical, personal, interpersonal, communication and leadership skills;

  1. Develop computing solution based on industry standards;
  2. Conduct technological and relevant researches in the computing field of specialization;
  3. Contribute to the community through the use of ICT resources.