• Western Leyte College, Inc. (WLC) is a stock organizational academic institution it is governed by a ten-member Board of Directors which is vested with the corporate powers of the WLC Corporation. The Board elects the President who is the Chief Executive Officer of the College and appoints Vice Presidents, Department Deans, Principals and other major officers of the College.
  • Attached to the Office of the President are the Office of the Guidance Counselor, Office of the Human Resource Management and Development, the Comptroller, the Office of Facilities and General Services, and the Campus Security.
  • In the exercise of his duties and powers, the President is assisted by the Vice President.
  • The Vice President is responsible for matters that pertain to formal and non-formal education. He exercises jurisdiction over the College Registrar, Department Deans, and Principal. He also exercises jurisdiction over the Student Affairs Services. Attached to his office are Students Councils of the different academic departments, the Performing Arts, the School Band, Sports, Athletics and Varsity, and the Property Custodian. The Vice President is also the deputy officer in charge of the business and financial aspects of the College. He has supervision over the General Services and Facilities Management, and the Comptroller.