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Navigating the Maze of Innovation and Creativity with Line Following Robot

            Excitement has sparked the whole gymnasium at Eastern Visayas State University as students gathered to compete in their first-ever event during their Industrial Engineering Days 2023 entitled, Robotics Liner “Line Follower”. Held on the 1st day of December of 2023, this event is a collaboration of engineering and programming skills where the audience witnessed a diverse array of innovative robotic creations. Representatives from esteemed institutions such as EVSU – Computer Studies, EVSU – BSIE, ACLC, and Western Leyte College, College of Information Communications Technology and Engineering took center stage at the event, showcasing their dedication to pushing the boundaries of technology.  

Before the competition kicked off, the audience was introduced to judges hailing from different schools, renowned for their expertise in robotics and design. These judges played a crucial role in assessing the robots based on criteria such as accuracy, design, and speed.

As the competition commenced, the excited eyes and curious minds of spectators were visible. The robots are unleashed and various cheers from the audience are heard, as the robots can follow the black line. When robots accomplished tasks, the audience cheered, and when unexpected challenges caused brief setbacks, there were groans of disappointment.

With each passing round, the intensity of the competition heightened, building up to the climactic moment on which the team will bag the prize. The awards ceremony served as a fitting conclusion, recognizing the teams that successfully navigated the course and achieved excellence in the Line-Following Robot Competition.

It was such a pride and honor and both teams of the school had excelled in the competition. The WLC – College Team bagged first place and the Best Robot Design. A special acknowledgment goes to the exceptional team members from Computer Engineering, Jon Kenneth Casaul, Francis Ann Dacera, and Jon Kenneth Taganahan with their coach Engr. Martin Martinez, Equally commendable is the remarkable performance of the WLC – SHS Team, who secured third place with Glaiza May Alicaya, Shaira Mae Ming, and Shiena Vanna Moreno under the mentorship of Engr. Gamaliel Pelino. The collaborative efforts, individual brilliance, and sportsmanship displayed by both teams reflect the values that Western Leyte College holds dear. Not only celebrating victories but also fostering a culture of excellence and camaraderie.

Our heartfelt congratulations once again to the outstanding teams. Your remarkable achievements bring great pride and joy to our esteemed institution!

It is indeed that the event was such a success and remarkable for students. The Robotics Liner “Line Follower” not only served as a platform for technical exhibition but also stood out as a testament to the remarkable achievements of the students in the field of robotics.

By Kimberly Joy Oquias, BSCpE 3